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Why is there no school for grown ups? Being 30, it doesn't feel like I have figured out how life works. There is so much I want to learn and should have learned to make my life easier. As a Millennial, I believe our skill set to survive differs from other generations. You don't have to teach us how to use a smartphone, but we do want to learn how to keep a healthy work-life balance. Being burnt out from my corporate job, the no. 1 Millennial disease, I bumped into lots of these great lost-in-life dilemmas.  But I didn't know where to go for help. Basically, I have learnt the hard way on how to pick yourself up again, how not to live by approval from others and how to be kinder to myself. Also on how to find my purpose and make full use my talents. With 3310, I aspire to help fellow Millennials with my experience to make our lives easier for ourselves.  

Wing Yan Man - Founder of 3310




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Andrea Van Loon - network queen

Relationships are key in life. As social butterfly she thrives as Marketing Director of an engineering firm. She believes we should dive into life head first, not be afraid and always enjoy where you are.  

Favorite throwback:

Splashin' in the pool on summer holidays in Spain 


Daan Klever - psychologist

Power, purpose and pleasure. As quarter life coach he strives to inspire millennials with deep insights in combination with positive vibes. Who says serious can't exist with fun?

Favorite throwback:

Dancing on happy hardcore at hockey parties


Joep Hegger - voice coach

Our human ability to shape perception is fascinating. As voice coach his goal is to use each individual's power to alter the perception of themselves and for others: Matching our insides with our exterior. 

Favorite throwback:

Playing tag in the high grass


Jorn Fokkens - transformational coach

Start living your life with a destination. Leading transformations on individual and organizational level, he lets people discover their true talent and shine with methods inspired by art, music, anything out of the box. 

Favorite throwback:

Watching Lawrence of Arabia with the VCR


Marijke Phoa - Vlogger

By making art and culture accessible for everyone, she inspires.

Favorite throwback:



Simeon Karsten - Philosopher

Be and celebrate imperfection. By inviting people to be vulnerable, he shows them the power of true honesty to themselves and others. To be real is to be happy.

Favorite throwback:

Scavenger hunting in an abandoned factory