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Old school, new stuff

Unless you have found the meaning of life, why stop learning? At 3310, School for Millennials, you can follow classes that teach you life skills that help you to become a 21st century champion! Tired of boring education? Don’t you worry, let the real 3310 experience with plenty of #throwbacks dazzle you in our workshops, shows and escape room !


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How to create empathy in a digital reality

#empathy #inclusion #escaperoom

Are you the one? Got your degree, lil’ bit of money, lil’ bit of purpose, catching Easyjets sometimes, festivals at other times. Keep the I.P.A.’s coming, because you’re rockin’ it! But unfortunately, not everybody lives in your insta-perfect world. They are trapped in a web of errors, chased by Agent Smith’s. Are you the chosen one to hack this matrix to save them? In collaboration with Marijke Phoa. Watch our video or read about our blog why we created this escape room.

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The future of work & life for millennials

#talkshow #expertstalking #everybodygetsa…

We can't deny that the climate is changing. Whether it is biological, technological or political, it is a period of change. In this little chaos, we are defining a new order. We, millennials happen to get raised and hit the market in the midst of it. But systems and education have not matured yet to teach us how to live in this change and to define this new order. How does the future of work & life for us millennials look like? Various experts invited to talk about topics that matter, such as work life balance, inclusion and technology. Watch this video of our previous edition.



How to make the perfect choice ever

#lifechoices #dreamjob #thaholygrail

Taking a job just for the money or do what you love? The pursuit to find the perfect career that fulfills all your desires can be confusing. What if you can't find your passion or can't agree upon a 4 hour work week? Whether you’re a graduate or starting your 10th job, the feeling of ‘Is this it?’ haunts us. Learn to make better choices that suit you to prevent life becoming a sh*t show! In collaboration with Simeon Karsten. Watch our video or read our blog on the story behind this show.

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How to brand, present & network as a killer entrepreneur

#entrepreneuriallife #networkingskills #becomingunicorn

Congratulations! You have decided to trade your brogues for comfy Nike's: You're one step closer in becoming the next Elon! That napkin idea turned into a business plan, your Wordpress site is pimped and you don't want to deprive the world any longer of your killer product/service. But hold on... How do you make them want to buy from or invest in you? In this class you will learn how to work on personal branding, presentation and networking. In collaboration with voice coach Joep Hegger and network queen Andrea Van Loon.



How to overcome the fear of failing

#daretofail #feelingvulnerable #fuckitlist

#FML! You can't choose whether you want skimmed, soy or oat milk for your espresso macchiato? Let alone what you want in life? You'd love to give up whatever is wasting your energy right now, but are afraid you'll end up to become or be seen as the dumb loser with capital L. Wouldn't it be great not to give a dang about it? During this show, you will learn how to conquer your demons, do your thang, and just f*ck it! In collaboration with psychologist Daan Klever. Read our blog on why we do as we do.

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How to sell your awesome personality without boasting

#elevatorpitch #personalbranding #inspireothers

Feeling that your talents and personality are unappreciated? Or trouble finding your personal unique selling points? We often wish not having to talk about ourselves to get noticed. However, the reality demands us to. In this class you will learn how to put yourself on the map without boasting. We're all diamonds in the rough, but sometimes we just need a little help to let it shine!



How to deal with haters in your life

#growconfidence #dealwithfeedback #hatersgonnahate

Life is filled with douchebags / biatches, but it would be easier without. They always know how to push our buttons, especially the ones that hurt. And the worst is that you feel powerless and are the one left with sleepless nights. In this class you will learn how to become more confident and how to deal with unwanted feedback. Haters gonna hate, so better build up your ammunition for the battle!

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How to put less pressure on yourself

#daretosayno #burnout #superherocomplex

FOMO, YOLO, a perfect Instagram, a perfect career & Carpe Diem - approaching life full throttle all the time is exhausting. The need to live up to your own superhero status makes saying no hard. But failing in the eyes of others or yourself is no option. And before you know it, you might burn out. In this class you will learn how to break negative patterns and be kinder to yourself. Conquer your inner Cruella / Scar and you will have your Disney fairy tale ending!



How to get through to your colleague/friend/mom

#effectivecommunication #personalities #beingunderstood

People. We face them everyday, but we were never taught how to deal with them. Talking to them can be a pain, especially when they don't follow you or twist your words. You ask them A, they do B. They seem to speak a different language and easy chit-chats often result in absurd fights. In this class you will learn how to read people and get through to them. You sometimes can't choose who you deal with, but at least you can make damn sure they get you! In collaboration with coach Jorn Fokkens.


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How to make the right choices when lost in life

#findinghappiness #designyourlife #quarterlifecrisis

Wondering if you are living the grown up life you have always dreamt of? Or you don't know where your life should go? Remember the times when it was so easy to finish the line "when I grow up...", but in a world where everything is possible our brain often gets overloaded with choices. In this class you will learn how to find focus in life to make the right decisions that suit you. Whether it is choosing a new job or your next Netflix addiction, no longer get affected by the paradox of choice. 



How to take the first steps to change your life

#fightprocrastination #bucketlist #toobusytochange

Eat, sleep, work, repeat. When you start your career your life often feels like a broken record. Although you want to change it, you tell yourself that you are too busy to improve it. Mañana, mañana... And in a blink of an eye you're 80 and regret that you didn't climb the Mt. Everest. In this class you will learn how to beat the status quo of your life before it's too late. You only have 660 months left till you're 80th, so let's make it count!  

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