Don't let life become a box of mass produced chocolates

The impact of putting away our phone once in a while

Growing up between grazing Bertha's I have waited many times for the bus to bring me to the big city. What used to be hoping for the bus actually to come and staring in the distance has become counting down the minutes from the led display and killing time on my smartphone. The smartphone, we feel naked when we are without. It is our best friend. It is even allowed to come in our most private spaces. Who hasn't brought his or her phone to the little room when doing number two before? The moment we have to wait, get bored or have nothing on our hands, we take out our best friend to play. These moments probably don't take up more than ten minutes a day, but what happens when we keep our phones in our pockets and use this short moment to just look up? This is my view on what happens when we go "off" once in a while, taking our down-time. 

The beauty of boredom

Remember the time when we only had a landline and we were bored to death playing with the same toy over and over again. We didn't just sit in a corner and wait for some fairy to create a new game for us. (Sitting still was hard anyway with a gummy bear sugar rush) No, we would ring the bell of our friends from the block. We would gather some sheets and twigs, build a magical castle in the park and invite everyone to celebrate with a pick nick. Boredom makes space for creativity and ignites our imagination. We might feel too old to build tree houses now, but the thought behind boredom can still be applied today. Putting on a blank stare reduces the white noise in our head, giving us space to prioritize and solve problems with creativity. It might sound paradoxical, but I believe with taking a step backwards we become more productive and efficient, moving us forward faster. 

The power of reflection

Even computers need rest, why don't we? Being burnt out before, I realized that constantly processing all these impulses of my work emails, what's apps, social media posts I forgot to feel my body. Keeping our brain occupied for almost 24/7 we don't hear that our body is crying for attention. And one day it decides to give you a tantrum and stops working. We can't just ignore our feelings or treat our body like a tool. By tapping in a couple of times a day to hear our body out and give in to its needs, like proper sleep (not only in the weekends!), you'll be on your way to a long prosper life. Besides our health, taking the time to reflect gives you space to look back, think of the nice dinner you had or the precious moments of your amazing trip last summer. I believe we should all be more grateful and appreciate what we have. It leaves you with a smile for the day and who doesn't like that?

"You never know what you're gonna get" - Forrest Gump

The joy of spontaneity

Would you rather have mass produced chocolate, or be surprised with a fine piece of raspberry coated, champagne flavored bonbon? Technology has given us wonders, such as reuniting with lost family members and showing victims in the world support during hard times. But using our phone to fill and plan each moment of our day to the minute leaves us little space for spontaneity. When was the last time that you started a conversation with a stranger at the bus stop? You don't have to, like Forrest, make a granny cry her eyes out and missing her bus with your heartbreaking life story. But instead of looking at your phone, you might meet your new boss, notice someone losing her earring or just make people happy with a compliment or chocolates. 

So put your phone at the bottom of your Herschel backpack, tie your right arm to your waist and look up! Bye bye neck cramps and let life surprise you!

boxchocWing Yan Man