Take the blue pill or the red pill?

2 years ago the red pill got shoved down my throat: I needed to wake up and face the harsh reality. The reality of that I was pretending to be someone I was not. What was I pretending to be?

With mostly good intentions, I was raised by my environment that by studying engineering I would have a higher status and salary than by performing arts. That by being white I would be more accepted than by being a foreigner. That by acting masculine I would get further in life than by being feminine. 

For years I used my mind and body to play catch-up on other people's expectations instead of listening to what it needed. It got tired of my games. In other words, I got burnt out. 

But waking up meant to ask myself who I really am. What was my nature, what was nurtured? Is making a lot of money what I really want, or what I am told to do? What about being single, am I actually unhappy or is it what others want me to believe? Kids, is it something I want or what society sees as being successful? 

In a world where abundance of choices give us stress and where not every choice is accepted, it is easy to take the blue pill. Just do what's normal and for most of us that works just fine.

Unfortunately, normal did not fit me:  today's "wonderland" made me ill. The red pill was very uncomfortable and scary, but without it I wouldn't be able to do what I truly love, put my talents for use and have more peace in mind in this strange world. 

Whether it is a corporate career or start my own business, dancing to sick tunes or staying in, watch Planet Earth or Jersey Shore: I know how to make choices in life that suit me. 

Are you making the right choices in life? Are you ready to wake up? 

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