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Guidelines for millennials to gain more purpose in life

By Daan Klever & Wing Yan Man

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Burnouts, gazillion choices, #FOMO! As millennials we cannot escape these buzzwords. Continuously thinking if you are doing the right thing, while everyone around has a (digital) verdict about you, is exhausting. We are raised in wealth, but it seems to have a dark side. Here you are. Watching Netflix to open again. Flipping hours through all available series, weighing what you feel like watching. Meanwhile, doubting if you made the right career choice. Or if you will ever be able to afford a house. If you want kids or not. If you might not just be happier to leave it all and move to a deserted island.   

Despite all the opinions, we millennials (1981 - 2000) are the first generations that grew up with Nokias, MSN and $50 flights. It is a time of many big transformations: enjoying luxury, but with a financial crisis. Being raised with the traditional idea of a job, house and kids, but also with the ‘anything is possible’ mindset. Used to play outside, but are part of the digital explosion too. While we are at an age where it is normal to reflect on how we want to live our lives, the many choices we have and always wanting more does not make our lives any easier.

The statistics are seriously alarming. More often and at a younger age millennials collapse under the pressure they put on themselves. We, millennials Daan and Wing, want to show fellow Gameboy contemporaries how to deal with the day to day madness.

  1. Find your personal ‘off’- button

Awareness about the madness you are dealing with is the first step. By filling up every minute of peace with scrolling, we are always ‘on’. We do not allow ourselves time to rest, no time to be bored. But it is rest that gives us space for reflection. And reflection seems like the thing we need the most now. By putting yourself ‘off’, just like how we used to do in the waiting room, you will learn to see life from a more peaceful perspective. How do you feel for real? What is actually bothering you? What do you really value in life? This step ‘back’ teaches you how to put things in perspective and to focus on what is truly important to you.


2. Step out of the rat race

It is eye opening to know what social and personal pressure we put on ourselves. Due to all the ways we shoulda woulda coulda live our lives we often have unrealistic and mile high expectations of ourselves. There is always a way to be more effective or rational. The dream job, a picket white fence, chillin’ with your friends, a six pack, daily meditation sessions, being the perfect boy/girlfriend, training for the half marathon, checking out all the hipster hot spots, becoming vegan: #FML! You must do this, you must do that. But for who? And why? You have your whole life to become the best version of yourself. Therefore, ask yourself why you do what you are doing right now and if it makes you happy. More importantly, what do you fear when you do not do it?

3. Create a f*ck it list

Saying no is a valid response too. Of course, there is a difference between ‘move b*tch get out da way’ or ‘it is just not working for me right now’. However, the reality is that you cannot be loved by everyone. Instead of constantly looking for approval in every step you take, think what you want to care less about. Goodbye bucket list, farewell social conventions! By daring to say no you are true to yourself, but also to the ones around you. They will understand your do’s and don’ts and you become free to do what you feel like.   

4. Dare to ask

Accepting that you cannot do everything by yourself is not a weakness. We are raised with the thought to be special snowflakes. That we can reach for the stars and are responsible for our own success. When we do not have it immediately or experience a little setback, we feel failed. And what if you do not know what happiness and success means to you? Because of Google in thumb reach, we are used to find the answers by ourselves. But is it actually that strange to ask others for direction when you lost the way? From our experience, we know that everybody is willing to help others, but only few dare to ask for it. By asking the other to become part of your dilemma, you give them the opportunity and pleasure to add meaning. Two birds in one stone: You help yourself and the other at the same time. Because honestly, would Lebron James be able to shine without his homies?

5. Own your sh*t

As long as you are not taking the first step and say what you want, you can wait for happiness till the cows come home. Inspiration is all around us with all these tips, self help books and TED talks. However, we are easily distracted with cat videos or are afraid to face the unknown. We secretly wish for someone who can look inside our brain and to serve us happiness on a silver platter. Unfortunately, you are the only one who can break the routine of ‘work, eat, sleep, Instagram, repeat’. We do not ask you to turn your life around, but just grab pen and paper and start writing ‘my f*ck it list’. After all, the difference between who we are and who we want to become is our actions.  

Behind the scenes of the F*ck it - the Millennial Game Show

From a cup of coffee to theatershow, sometimes it just works. Within three months, Wing Yan Man (founder of 3310 - School for Millennials) and Daan Klever (founder of Millennial Journeys) turned their napkin ideas into a successfully sold out show with the F*ck it - Millennial Game Show. Ever since, they have been on a festival tour and with their burnout prevention workshop ‘You’ve got the power - How to stay energized in a high demand job’ they have inspired many young professionals along the way. Want to know about the shows or workshops, visit www.3310.school/y-program.


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