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Welcome to the 3310 professional millennial training program! We offer you lectures, workshops and shows for your young professionals, managers of millennials and students.

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About 3310 - School for Millennials

In October 2017, Wing Yan Man founded 3310 - School for Millennials. After a diverse career in engineering, corporate consultancy and research she has experienced a burnout. Wondering why she has gotten into this situation, like many fellow millennials, she decided to investigate the causes. Growing up in different circumstances than their parents, millennials need different life skills to survive this modern world. Not having footsteps of their predecessors to follow, she originated a school where millennials learn with and from each other to set a new paradigm of living. She strives to bring practical skills to a wide, inclusive audience with wit and entertainment, wishing for millennials to have the true impact the world needs.    



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