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F*ck it - Millennial Game Show @ The Student Hotel Amsterdam City

  • The Student Hotel Amsterdam City 129 Wibautstraat Amsterdam, NH, 1091 GL Netherlands (map)

"Face your fears & dare to fail!"

What if you never find your dream job? Is yo mama going to be proud of you? Or will others think you’re weak when you burn out now? Besides our fear to be marked as a loser with a capital L, aren’t we most of the time our own worst critic? Failing, quitting or saying no just does not exist in our millennial vocabulary. But don't we learn most when we do fall and dust ourselves off to try again?

 Life is too short to live up to the ridiculous expectations of ourselves and the ones around us. Because eventually who has to deal with the consequences of your choices? Own your life and just F*ck it! During this event you become a participant of our interactive game show where we will challenge you to face your insecurities, while training you to let go and give yourself some TLC. From #FML to #highonlife, from FOMO to who cares?! Come F*ck it Millennial Game Show and trade your bucket list for a f*ck it list, battle your way up with your f*ck up stories and party like you don't give a f*ck!

This 3310 - School for Millennials show is in collaboration with psychologist Daan Klever of Millennial Journeys. Together they have performed in a sold out Compagnietheater and at various festivals (e.g. Madnes, Surfana).




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The millennial, a.k.a. the Nokia 3310 generation, handles a great deal of challenges nowadays. Often seen as spoiled and as the first internet generation to conquer the world. Besides the external pressure, millennials often feel lost in their choices, in loneliness and strive for perfection. How do you survive in a world that is ever changing and is built by their analogue parents? After a diverse career in engineering, corporate consultancy and experiencing a burnout, Wing Yan Man founded 3310 - School for Millennials. At 3310, you learn the practical skills with and from fellow millennials on how to live and work in a new paradigm that suits this generation. With authenticity, love and plenty of 90’s throwbacks, this school strives to serve an inclusive audience wishing for millennials to have the true impact the world needs.

For this show, 3310 has sought collaboration with Daan Klever of Millennial Journeys. Daan is a psychologist specialized in performance and in helping his own generation, the millennial. As millennial expert he coaches and trains young adults in their personal effectiveness and ownership. With a low-key and positive approach he facilitates dialogues, creates awareness and gives you quick fixes to solve your challenge. #ownyourshit



The Student Hotel is a concept that provides fully serviced, state of the art hotel accommodation. Additionally, we value the importance of community and therefore organize activities and provide services to a diverse, international group of guests varying from students, trainees to travellers. The Amsterdam City location is unique with its rich facilities of a gym, Swimgym, co-working space Collab, restaurants and Parool theater.



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