Can you kick it?

How to create the job you love, anytime, anywhere

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Congratulations! Now you have a job with grown up responsibilities, you're ready to conquer the world. But how do you get on these cool projects? How do you make sure others appreciate your talents? Or how not to end up failing? Besides having a decently filled bank account and recognition, we also value creating impact, personal development and being intrinsically motivated. Basically, living the dream. However, how do you achieve this in an environment which is designed and run by the pre-internet generation? 

With our work becoming more ingrained in our lives by making longer hours and being connected 24/7, the line between work and life becomes blurry. Our job will become a lifestyle. This being such a big part of our daily life, we millennials want to make this as fulfilling as possible. However, striving for a dream job is difficult if you don't know what you want, deal with resistance in the organization or are afraid to say no. During this crash course (one hour lecture or two hour workshop) you will learn the basic tips and tricks of how to find your passion, stress management, personal branding skills and other job hacks.