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In a big, big world…

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As young professional you are the change organizations need, the glue between MS DOS and the Snapchat generation. But change goes hand in hand with resistance. While your educated brain tells you to find purpose in your job, your baby boomer manager tells you to use technology of the Blackberry age. Meanwhile, you're also setting a new standard for working and living. Nobody taught you how to juggle between hundreds of emails per day, weekly yoga classes and having the time of your life with friends while not getting burnt out. Add the outlook of spending more time at the office and working more years than our predecessors, #FML! Are you living the dream? Is this it?  


The Y-Mission

To empower millennials with the toolkit to create the job and life they love, anytime, anywhere


Becoming the youngest partner of the firm or quit your job to become a digital nomad, is this what you really really want? Paralyzed by choices and pressure of others and ourselves, as millennials we often forget to do what actually fits our personality and talents, and opt for radical change. And once we do know, we're often stuck in the tormenting resistance of company processes. 3310 strives to give you tools to take ownership and control of your job and life to adjust your work environment to your needs. In other words, not waiting for, but creating the job you love whenever, where ever you go. Ready to become CEO of your life?

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Pick & Play

Practical, low key and fun are the words best to describe workshops of 3310’s Y-Program. In collaboration with millennial experts, we provide you original two hour workshops for groups varying from 10 to 50 persons, for both English and Dutch speaking. If you want to host a bigger group or love a challenge, you can join one of our shows. Pick what suits you and start playing!


Y-Program Workshops 


Y-Program Shows


Those who went before you 


Millennials 101 for managers

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Investing in improving to make yourself happy and more productive at work, which boss doesn't approve of that? But if your organization or manager fails to understand you nor to meet your needs, you can still end up miserable. Share the management X-Program 3310 has to offer with your manager.   


Shut up and take my money! 

Do you like what you see and want to know what 3310 can do for your young professionals? Don't wait and drop your questions via or here! We will get back as soon as possible!

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