Meet the Creators


Daan Klever

Psychologist - Millennial Journeys

Power, purpose and pleasure. As quarter life coach he strives to inspire millennials with deep insights in combination with positive vibes. Who says serious can't exist with fun?

Favorite throwback:

Dancing on happy hardcore at hockey parties

Cocreator of You’ve Got the Power (workshop) & F*ck it - Millennial Game Show (show)


Gerrald Hekman

Marketing strategist - Handstand Consultancy

Choosing the less obvious route is usually more fun and adventurous. As a marketeer, breakdancer and co-founder of a food hall he likes to take on a challenge. Isn’t life just more fun if you start creating it?

Favorite throwback:

Trying to imitate B.A. Baracus while reenacting my favorite A-Team episodes

Cocreator of How You Doin’? (workshop)


Ivo Kleine Schaars

Marketing strategist - Handstand Consultancy

Making people understand the world from a different view. With his flair, he helps them to tell their story, to have the balls to be themselves. Preferably with a little breakdance along the way.

Favorite throwback:

Rapping Gangsta's Paradise using my comb as a mic

Cocreator of How You Doin’? (workshop)


Joep Hegger

Voice coach - The Vocal Coach

Our human ability to shape perception is fascinating. As voice coach his goal is to use each individual's power to alter the perception of themselves and for others: Matching our insides with our exterior. 

Favorite throwback:

Playing tag in the high grass

Cocreator of Swiping: Disabled (workshop)

Jorn 2.png

Jorn Fokkens

Business coach - Human Foundation

Start living your life with a destination. Leading transformations on individual and organizational level, he lets people discover their true talent and shine with methods inspired by art, music, anything out of the box. 

Favorite throwback:

Watching Lawrence of Arabia with the VCR

Cocreator of Zip it! (workshop)


Simeon Karsten

Philosopher - Vitamine Z

Be and celebrate imperfection. By inviting people to be vulnerable, he shows them the power of true honesty to themselves and others. To be real is to be happy.

Favorite throwback:

Scavenger hunting in an abandoned factory

Cocreator of Tell Me What You Really Really Want (workshop) and Holy Sh*t Show (show)

wing square.png

Wing Yan Man

Founder - 3310 School for Millennials

Living from one surprise to another. With wit and love, she strives to show millennials from all types and colors the beauty of each experience in life. Preferably with some 90’s throwbacks.

Favorite throwback:

Making memes of family members with MS Paint

Cocreator of all 3310’s Y-Program