Holy Sh*t Show - Finding purpose in the Land of Milk & Money

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My first job for the rest of my life? No way! But got to think of it, that fixed salary does feel better than just turn over every dime for every coffee I order as a freelancer. Heck, I even save so much I can afford to buy a house while still going to Bali every year. Only two weeks of course, because I am so needed at the office. Am I burning with passion for the job? Nah, but I don't know what I want anyway so why not stick with the predictable? And before you know it, you're fifty, looking back at your life where you spent 80% of your time at work, come home to feed the kids and are just too exhausted to do anything else. Wait, isn't it a copy paste of your parents life? Holy sh*t, WTF just happened?!   

To prevent your life from becoming the sh*t show you fear of, join our quest in the land of why-so-many-types-of milk and money! During this show you will go on a journey to your perfect, happy life, your Holy Grail. And this expedition is going to be rocky... What do you do when you don't know what happiness means to you? Or when life just gets in the way? All the while being haunted by your parental, societal and online demons... We will guide you through the obstacles you will face in life and teach you how to deal with these. Ready for your pursuit of happiness?

This show is developed in collaboration with Simeon Karsten, founder of Vitamine Z