Swiping: Disabled

How to impress and inspire in real life

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Ever got stuck in an elevator with your hero? Why practice your pitch when life will probably never give you this opportunity, or you will be too star-struck to find the right words anyway if you do? Meanwhile, we're moving towards a life where our human interaction consists of Slack chats, What'sapp messages and swipes. However, we can't convince one to give us a job, desired promotion or a shot at spending the night together just based on some ones and zeros or memes. In real life chemistry or 'click' can't be forced, but the impression, feeling and perception you leave behind are alterable variables. Are you being judged by the right cover? And how do you get the most out of your water cooler convos?

Whether you have a job interview, are mingling at a networking event or just have a date, first impressions are important. In a time where small talks are replaced by checking our phones and judge one on their Google hits, the window to leave a good impression in person becomes limited. However, trust and goodwill, the foundation of relationships, are based on our face-to-face interaction. During this workshop you will learn how to inspire in conversation using tools you always have at hand: your body, voice and imagination. 

This workshop is organized in collaboration with vocal coach Joep Hegger, founder of The Vocal Coach. After achieving great success with a series of workshops in Amsterdam and Berlin together, 3310 is happy to continue this partnership with Joep to help people finding their confidence simply with the means they're born with.