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35% of the global workforce in 2020 is forecast to be a millennial (ManpowerGroup, 2016). Growing up at the very start of internet, this generation deals with different challenges and needs than the previous ones. Their behavior of getting burnt out at a young age, changing jobs every three years and need for making the most of every choice in life will take a toll on your company. Not being able to understand and fulfill their needs will limit your chance to connect to both millennial employees as well as future customers, which can lead to huge financial and organizational damage. 


The X-Mission

To equip managers with practical tools to manage, engage and retain their millennial employees


As manager you don't have time to hold the hands of your millennial employees, to listen to every story of their lives or to find out in hindsight that they left you for the competitor. Therefore, 3310 strives to help managers with practical, easy to implement tools in how to communicate, reward and motivate their young professionals to be the best version of themselves. Because once you're able to tap into their world, these happy millennials will be the change agents moving you into the new digital paradigm. 

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Make your organization millennial proof


The grass is always greener at your competitor and millennials are not known for their long track records in one organization. Unfortunately, companies often fail to create a basic fulfilling work environment for millennials that give them fewer reasons to leave or getting burnt out. To form loyal ambassadors, make your organization fit better to their needs. 3310 offers tailored programs and consultancy with HR experts to assess and improve your organization. These include cross generation workshops and change management solutions.

To train millennials to take ownership of their career and life, 3310 offers the Y-program, which includes workshops on burnout prevention and professional and personal development skills. Read more about these workshops here.  


Cross generation training


The needs of each generation (Babyboomers, Generation X and Generation Y) are different due to different upbringings. In a work space, the misalignment of expectations based on these generation gaps might lead to misunderstandings with a low productivity as a result. Proper communication and expectation management are essential for the productivity of a company. Therefore, this Cross Generation training will give you lessons on how to respectfully communicate between each other, how to give appropriate feedback and and how to use generational strengths to complement each other.


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