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Harder, better, faster, stronger

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Due to the increasing complexity of problems by fast paced inventions and popularity of agile working, the pressure to perform keeps on growing for the future millennial workforce. Besides an impeccable resume, the millennial student needs to have the passion, personality and endurance to make it in the cut throat market. While the jobs in their fields become quickly outdated and new professions emerge, planning for a career becomes more uncertain. And is a career still even desired? The workload might rise, but there is a shift in desire for more purpose, happiness and pleasure in life. This uncertainty, change and pressure can lead to burnout, which is already a known issue among students. Are they prepared to be employed? 


The Z-Mission

To prepare the next generation to become the future workforce


It takes more than just the lessons in the books to survive the job market. Unfortunately, very few students learn how to communicate, present themselves, or any other professional and personal development skills needed to succeed in a career. To save you from the effort of designing a new extra curricular program, 3310 brings these skills to you. We will offer your students sustainable skills to become resilient and self-sufficient against change and stress.   

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21st Century Lost Generation

What is going to be my first job? What if it is something I didn't study for, or simply are too few positions in? What happens in the future if I make the wrong career choice now? To give clear guidance for your student millennials who ponder with these questions, 3310 has developed an interactive show called 'Holy Sh*t Show - Finding purpose in the Land of Milk & Money'. 


This interactive show is dedicated to help students finding their path in a world of uncertainty, doubt and high expectations of others and oneself. We will guide students to question their fears, tackle indecisiveness and embrace the unknown. Although the topics are serious, it will be brought in a fun, low-key manner with love.

This show is developed in collaboration with Simeon Karsten, founder of Vitamine Z


After school program

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3310 offers various, tailored lectures (one hour) and workshops (two hours) to teach students practical life skills for their future career. Each lecture and workshop includes practical tips and tricks, self-reflection exercises and coaching for future career steps. In collaboration with HR experts, millennial coaches and inspiring speakers from various industries, different programs can be offered with topics such as stress management, time management, talent development and more. The programs are offered in both English and Dutch language. 

Additionally, the current workshops designed for young professionals (Y-Program) can be tailored to your student audience.   


Previous collaborations

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Curious to see what 3310 can offer your students or do you want to hear more over a cup of coffee? Write your inquiries to or here and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

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