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Can you kick it?

How to create the job you love, anytime, anywhere

#jobhacks #survivingcorporatejungle #dreamjob101

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Congratulations! Now you have a job with grown up responsibilities, you're ready to conquer the world. But how do you get on these cool projects? How do you make sure others appreciate your talents? Or how not to end up failing? Besides having a decently filled bank account and recognition, we also value creating impact, personal development and being intrinsically motivated. Basically, living the dream. However, how do you achieve this in an environment which is designed and run by the pre-internet generation? 

With our work becoming more ingrained in our lives by making longer hours and being connected 24/7, the line between work and life becomes blurry. Our job will become a lifestyle. This being such a big part of our daily life, we millennials want to make this as fulfilling as possible. However, striving for a dream job is difficult if you don't know what you want, deal with resistance in the organization or are afraid to say no. During this crash course (one hour lecture or two hour workshop) you will learn the basic tips and tricks of how to find your passion, stress management, personal branding skills and other job hacks.


You’ve got the power!

How to stay energized in a high demanding environment

#burnout #losingcontrol #namaste

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Plowing through hundreds of emails per day, pursuing a career and looking for meaning and happiness at your job, how do you find time to do the actual job? On top, you're not making the most out of it when you don't have a relationship, found a grown up apartment without filthy flatmates and enjoy life as much as you can while you're at it. As millennial, life is often just thrown upon you with numerous, paralyzing choices. And before you know it, you get burnt out. But when do you know when you have it?

Millennials and burnouts seem to be inseparable. According to research from TNO (2014), one out of seven millennials deal with burnout signs in the Netherlands. You might be able to dodge it, but what if your coworker doesn't and you have to take on the extra workload. Finding the right energy balance, while dealing with pressures at work and in our private lives, is a real challenge. During this workshop we will focus on burnout prevention by deep diving into the personal causes of burnouts, energy drainers and daring to be vulnerable. 

This workshop is organized in collaboration with psychologist and performance coach Daan Klever of Millennial Journeys. After a sold out theater show F*ck It - Millennial Game Show, 3310 continues to team up with Daan to spread a serious message of making millennials burnout proof with a fun twist.


Tell me what you really really want!

How to choose & survive at work and in life when you don't know

#paradoxofchoice #quarterlifecrisis #fatamorgana


Climbing up the ladder with 80 hour work weeks or living your life out of a backpack with instant noodles? Or rather any of the 19.231.741 options in between? Life seemed so simple when your childhood dream was to become a police man or a doctor. Now you have your degree, with an inevitably huge study debt, the world is your oyster. What if you lost interest in your field of study? Or your job just didn't appear to be as meaningful and fulfilling as you imagined? Suck it up or quit? 

In a world of abundance and where everything is possible, choices are not only limited to your daily Netflix intake. Besides IPA or coffee beer, bigger dilemmas such as settling down and having children have become a choice instead of a given. The continuous confrontation of others living the insta-perfect life gives us the illusion that utopia exists, while the fast paced invention of technology, products and experiences keeps feeding our fear of missing out. During this workshop we will focus on dealing with the fear and doubt of making the wrong choices, how to manage a life where you often don't know the answers and embracing change when life just happens. 

This workshop is organized in collaboration with Simeon Karsten, founder of Vitamine Z. Having collaborated previously at the Icarus Festival Amsterdam, a festival with a mission to celebrate our imperfections, 3310 continues to support and work together with Simeon to pursue the mission of showing millennials a healthier, more realistic, and therefore happier approach to life. 


Swiping: Disabled

How to impress and inspire in real life

#communicationskills #personalbranding #nofilter


Ever got stuck in an elevator with your hero? Why practice your pitch when life will probably never give you this opportunity, or you will be too star-struck to find the right words anyway if you do? Meanwhile, we're moving towards a life where our human interaction consists of Slack chats, What'sapp messages and swipes. However, we can't convince one to give us a job, desired promotion or a shot at spending the night together just based on some ones and zeros or memes. In real life chemistry or 'click' can't be forced, but the impression, feeling and perception you leave behind are alterable variables. Are you being judged by the right cover? And how do you get the most out of your water cooler convos?

Whether you have a job interview, are mingling at a networking event or just have a date, first impressions are important. In a time where small talks are replaced by checking our phones and judge one on their Google hits, the window to leave a good impression in person becomes limited. However, trust and goodwill, the foundation of relationships, are based on our face-to-face interaction. During this workshop you will learn how to inspire in conversation using tools you always have at hand: your body, voice and imagination. 

This workshop is organized in collaboration with vocal coach Joep Hegger, founder of The Vocal Coach. After achieving great success with a series of workshops in Amsterdam and Berlin together, 3310 is happy to continue this partnership with Joep to help people finding their confidence simply with the means they're born with.


Zip it!

How to give and take feedback as a pro

#crossgeneration #gettingthingsdone #nomorebabyphotosplease


"You're the future, teach us how to use the internet! Oh wait, don't bother, because you're just a spoiled, ignorant graduate who was still in your nappies while I was doing real labor". These, often unreasonable, expectations of millennials challenge us to confront our superiors over and over again. While our education lacked classes on 'how to talk to stubborn baby boomers', we have also not been taught how to get through to that apathetic colleague without sounding like a broken record. Nor how to tell your manager you're not interested in joining their office politics. Or even just to tell your partner in crime to stop sending you baby photos while still staying BFF's. Why don't they speak (your name here), so you can just do your thang? 

Miscommunication and misguided expectations are fatal for a company's productivity level, and more importantly cost you a lot of energy. The lack of listening and interpretation skills of your peers might spoil your mood, and as millennial to have to deal with the frustration of being misunderstood by the older generations is as prevalent. With proper feedback mechanisms tailored to different types of persons you can make sure you keep your cool even in the most heated arguments. Therefore, during this workshop we will focus on how to talk the language of different personalities, reading critical feedback and giving feedback for mutual benefits.  

This workshop is organized in collaboration with change management expert and coach Jorn Fokkens of Human Foundation. Having worked together in the corporate industry and continued the collaboration with successful classes for 3310, we are happy to progress into a new mission: Transforming the corporate industry into people oriented organizations.


How you doin’?

How to build relationships and your killer network from scratch

#networkingskills #buildingrelationships #stopthesmalltalk


"So... what do you do?" Don't you sometimes just want to shoot yourself at these awkward office lunch breaks / network events / boring house parties you got dragged into? Even though you have heard this question for the millionth time, you hear yourself repeat this, because you just can't find a socially accepted alternative for it. And once you have passed the usual chit-chat, how do you bring up a deep and meaningful convo about your unresolved pain over the death of Jon Snow without scaring them off? Or why talk at all when you can just lurk at their Insta profiles and save yourself from rejection? 

Although our technology makes it possible to reconnect with our kindergarten lovers, being glued to our smartphones makes us more disconnected from people. When we work more from home, hit the gym alone, shut ourselves off with our headphones, opportunities to meet real people become scarce. Living without real life support can bring down our self esteem and increases stress, spiraling us further into a dark, lonely space. According to researchers Reeves and Kennedy (via The Guardian, 2017) loneliness could be as damaging to our health as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day. So much for a happy ending... Whether it is making new friends at the bus stop or finding fellow change makers at your next work conference, we benefit from knowing how to build true, authentic relationships. During this workshop you will learn how to step out of your shell, upgrade your social skills and build a meaningful network. 

This workshop is organized in collaboration with marketeers Gerrald Hekman and Ivo Kleine Schaars of Handstand Consultancy. With their own shows, dance and music endeavors, they both believe in creating positive impact and having fun while you're at it. Corresponding with the 3310 philosophy, we are proud to start this new partnership to pursue bringing authenticity and joy into the lives of millennials.